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The Working Mask Series 

Book 1: The Vilification of Aqua Marine

Despite Aqua Marine’s super lineage, this wannabe superhero can only control a cup of water at a time. Not very effective as far as superpowers go. Never mind being able to stop the new nefarious villain, The Overlord of the Dance from taking over part of the city.


That is until she discovers there is a cup of water in the human heart when she accidentally blows his out.


Now her villainous mother wants her to join the League of Extraordinary Evil.


Aqua Marine would like to hide under a rock. 


And Overlord of the Dance is apparently not quite dead yet, and he would like to have a word with her about becoming his new nemesis. 


If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, Aqua Marine’s is a slip and slide, with capes.

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