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A thriller series of Urban Fantasy and Cyberpunk with a garnish of flirty romance. 


In an alternate Chicago where magic has always existed and technology is finally catching up, follow Rune Leveau and Saint Benedict as they try to discover the impossible: a computer that can cast magic!

A Dystopian, Sci-Fi Zombie Apocalypse book about cycles that should not exist.

Generations ago, the Zombies came, then they died, then they kept coming back to life. Amongst this endless cycle of plague and twisted rebirth, Baron becomes a strange woman's protector, companion, and prisoner whose heritage may hold the key for finding a cure to ending this viscous cycle once and for all.

Megan Mackie 4 acx.jpg

One Parent was a superhero,

one parent was a supervillain,

Aqua Marine is a work in progress.

Follow the mis-adventures of this wannabe hero, maybe villain. 

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